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Navah (NAH vah) beautiful / pleasant.

I chose this simple name because it evoked the concept I hope our viewers will feel while enjoying the performance.

Ever since I was a little girl, dance has been a passion for me. As a child taking my own initiative, I began to study and watch dancers carefully then immediately run outside, find a big space by myself, and begin to practice what I saw.  Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly ,Vera Ellen, dances from productions like Nutcracker, Riverdance, and West Side Story all offered monumental inspirations.   As a young teen I began to seek out lessons in Ballroom, Latin, Country Two Step, and of coures Polka (Wisconsin’s state dance).

From a very young age I had an unexplainable interest and curiosity about Middle Eastern Dance. The allure, movement, and the costuming would soon prove to be impossible not to explore. In 2001 I could no longer resist exploring belly dance and I took my first class through the YMCA Program. Oriental Dance found a solid place in my heart. I found the movements mesmerizing and the costuming just as amazing.  My desire and curiosity only grew and I took the opportunity to learn more about it. 

Navah is available for hire. (Teacher, Private Lesson, Shows, & Events.)



Kristy’s love of all things dance began as a small child. A friend introduced her to ballet and her passion grew from there. She was exposed to belly dance as an adult and was intrigued by the diversity of the performers and the celebration of female curves. In 2005 she joined a belly dance class at the YWCA and shortly after began performing at restaurants and festivals.  Kristy is happiest on the stage and enjoys the beautiful relationships created through dance and teaching. She would like to thank her family and friends for their continued support.

Kristy is available for hire. (Teacher, Private Lesson, Shows, & Events.)


Stephany Israeli Adara

I began the study of movement arts in 2012 after being introduced to tribal fusion belly dance by Serpentine in Portland some years earlier. My primary dance influences in dance include Rachel Brice, April Rose, Colleena Shakti, Michelle Sorensen and Zoe Jakes. Following instruction through Datura Institute Online, I am mostly a self-taught dancer. In 2013, I began performing at haflas as both a dancer and musician before joining Navah Mirage in 2014. With a Bachelor Degree in Performance focusing on classical and jazz flute I have 20+ years performance experience and am now enjoying a new understanding of music and movement through the art of belly dance​. I specialize in zil and sword dancing as my main props, and I am a choreographer for soloists as well as groups. 

 Stephany is available for hire. (Teacher, Private Lesson, Shows, & Events.)


Saniya (sa-nee-ya) dazzling / brilliant

Saniya began her love of dance as a young girl. She studied ballet for five years, two of those years on pointe. She also studied during that time jazz, tap, gymnastics and cheer-leading. She coached cheer-leading at a local middle school for two years before moving to Seattle Washington in 1993. It wasn't until the summer of 2016 that she became reacquainted with her love of dancing. She began her formal belly dancing studies in September of 2016 with Middle Eastern classes in Appleton taught by Navah. Her first performance as a soloist happened in early spring of 2017 and by May she became a dancer with the Navah Mirage Troupe. Since then she has danced at several events including The Dance of the Elements performed at the Dudley Birder Hall/St. Norbert College on October 8,2017. Saniya is a dedicated dancer who is continuously learning and practicing. She loves learning all aspects of belly dancing from history, to movements, to the many props that are used to enhance this beautiful dance. She would like to thank her family and friends for their support and love and Navah for reigniting her true 

passion and love of dance.

Saniya is available for group hired projects.



Sahara, began belly dance as a young girl. Sweet and shy, she would quietly study her mother practicing her dance. She would then sneak all her new found wisdom to her room where she would try them out and fall in love with dance. As a teen she participated in her schools dance troupe and currently continues her studies with her mother Navah.  She also enjoys performing as a mermaid & modeling.

Sahara is for hire. (Shows, & Events.) 


Souja (Sue-zjha)

I have been belly dancing for over ten years and love performing for people.  While performing, the energy the audience gives you is such a wonderful feeling.  I dance the passion that I feel. I enjoy dancing while using zils (finger cymbals), veils, sword, and my favorite, isis wings. Being one of the founding members of the Navah Mirage dance troupe, I hoped to show others that a person of any age or any size is able to perform and to show the beauty of the dance.  My passion for the arts includes belly dance, playing key board, and performing music with my husband.

Souja is a lovely student performer.


Sidona (sid-oh-nah)

Has belly danced for nearly a dozen years, studying in Minnesota, Ireland, and Wisconsin. She chose the dance name Sidona, which means enticing or captivating, because she finds the intricacies of this dance form so alluring. Sidona especially enjoys sharing the dance floor with other dancers, using props such as sword, and sewing some of her own costumes.  Belly dance is a hobby she particularly enjoys for its fitness, flexibility, and fellowship.

Sidona is available for hire.



Tempest's style is fluid and confident. With her every move there is an intention that is undeniable. 

Tempest is available for group hired projects.



Jodi is a beautiful group performer. Her style is like a breath of fresh air. Smooth and pleasant. Fan veil & veil work is her specialty. With a lovely smile and a giggle she can charm any audience.

Jodi is a lovely student performer. 




Jade  was born in Brazil, moved to Florida and currently lives in Wisconsin. She has been dancing most of her life, and started belly dancing in 2013. She is currently a member of Navah Mirage and enjoys dancing with the group.

Jade  is available for hire. 


Tribal Mirage

Discover more about this specialty group under the more tab. 

Tribal Mirage is  collective effort of Navah Mirage performers that have a focus of tribal fusion at heart.